When to Look for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

When to Look for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are pondering whether or not you should get in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer, in all actuality, you probably should. If you, or somebody that you know is involved in a motorcycle accident, the chances are that having a seasoned attorney on your side will be instrumental in the possibility of success for the case. There may be a lot of people out there that say they have answers, but never take the word of anybody that is not a licensed attorney.

Motorcycle Accidents in General

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people that love to ride motorcycles. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you open up the throttle on an open road and feel the wind in your face, and the ground rolling under your bike. Some motorcycles are built for comfort and cruising, yet others are made for speed. What all motorcycles have in common is that they have two wheels, and there is not much there to protect the rider from serious injury from the result of an impact.

Traveling down the highway at speeds upwards of 60 miles per hour on a vehicle that has no walls or airbags is pretty dangerous. If the motorcycle were to hit a tree or a big rock going at that speed the results would be horrific.

It is safe to say that in the event of a motorcycle accident there will be a significant amount of damage…especially if there is another vehicle involved. Factors such as wearing a helmet and other protective gear will make a difference, but even so, when a human body flies through the air at high speeds, then crashes into solid objects there is going to be a lot of damage. In many cases, death is the result.

As fun as it is to ride motorcycles, each rider has to be aware of the dangers involved and must be attentive at all times. People driving cars, trucks, vans and whatnot do not always see the whole road. Since motorcycles are so small they are difficult to see. Knowing this fact, could save the life of a rider. 

Automobiles Vs. Motorcycles

Not everybody that drives a car pays attention as much as they should. People like to glance at their phones, enjoy drinks, eat food, look at other vehicles and many other things that draw their attention from the task of driving. As a result of this, there are thousands of accidents every day. Unfortunately, many of these involve motorcycles.

One of the ugliest kinds of accidents is when a motorcycle rider is stopped behind another vehicle because of a traffic light, or hazard – or whatever. A distracted driver can plow full-speed into the motorcycle, crushing it into the rear end of the vehicle ahead. Accidents like this are one of the reasons why many states allow “lane splitting” so that motorcycle riders can move to the front of the traffic stops.

In any case, an accident like this can be catastrophic. A helmet and leather clothing will not stop leg, pelvis, hip, arm, and other bones from being crushed. If the rider is fortunate enough to survive this kind of accident, they will most definitely be out of work for a while, and incur hefty medical bills.

Whenever a vehicle, such as a car or a truck hits a motorcycle, the impact is much like ramming a glass into a brick wall. The brick wall is unforgiving and will not give way to the glass. So it is with a motorcycle and a vehicle.

Not only does the motorcycle become damaged, but the person that is riding it has absolutely no protection. Even if there were such things as seat belts for motorcycles, there would not be much of a barrier to keep the rider safe.

Some of the common vehicle vs. motorcycle accidents are:

  • Rear end hits
  • Left turn hits
  • Running stop lights
  • Passing on the freeway

Although motorcycle riders can be just as much at fault in accidents as automobile drivers, finding and proving the fault of the accident can be determined and proven by a skilled motorcycle attorney.

Semi Tractor Trailers Vs. Motorcycles

Big rig drivers need to be watchful in everything that they do because they drive around a vehicle that weighs several tons. It is difficult to stop a fast moving semi truck that is weighed down with a full load. If one of those rigs hits a car, a truck, or even another semi it will cause immense damage.

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It is always wise for anybody riding a motorcycle to take extra precautions when driving in the vicinity of a big rig. Semi trucks are very large and sometimes have a hard time seeing objects before it is too late to slow down, or react. Although not seeing a motorcycle rider will not justify a trucker running into one, the motorcycle rider needs to be wise enough to stay a safe distance from the threat of a semi.

Just like when a car or truck makes a left turn, an oncoming motorcycle can be difficult to see, it is even more difficult for a truck driver to see. All truck drivers are trained and go through school in order to obtain their truck driving license, however, not all truck drivers are skilled in the way of seeing hazards before they become apparent.

In any event, whenever a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a semi truck, there will most likely be significant damage. If an accident like this happens to you, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer that specializes in motorcycle accident cases. If you, or anybody that you know attempts to get compensation without acquiring a good lawyer, you will most likely not get near the amount of compensation that you deserve. Sadly enough, insurance companies would rather save money and cut costs where they can as opposed to providing enough compensation to ensure that the injured party is well taken care of.

Motorcycles and Road Hazards

Just as vehicle drivers, motorcycle riders need to pay attention to the road. When a vehicle rear ends another vehicle – in most cases – they are considered at fault because they should have given themselves more time to react to a situation. In the same manner, if a motorcycle rider rear ends another vehicle, it will most likely be the rider’s fault.

However, if the motorcycle rider is rear ended by another vehicle, then is pushed into the vehicle in front of them it will depend on a good lawyer to prove to the court how much or little the rider had to do with the fault of the accident.

In the same respect, what if a motorcycle hits a huge pothole in the street while they are riding? What if somebody’s dog gets loose and runs in front of their motorcycle as they are moving along down the road? What if a tree falls onto a motorcycle while they are riding? So many questions can arise from the nature of an accident on the road. The only one that will be able to give a valid answer to any of these questions is an accident attorney that knows the answers.

In Conclusion

There is no reason why somebody that has been involved in a motorcycle accident should ever try to figure out how to face the people at fault without help. Google simply can not help a person with legal questions. In any circumstance that has to do with the legal system, the only true way to handle the issue is to contact a lawyer. Plain and simple. The only way to fight the law is with the law.