What Are the Notary Public Services in Toronto?

When you want to sign an agreement or contract, it must be before a notary public. Notary publics are official witnesses that offer a limited range of services. Certifying the true copy of a document is another task done by a Toronto notary public. They verify if the true copy is original and the information is the same as the document. A notary public is also authorized for commissioning of the oaths, declarations, and affidavits. A notary public offers services in-person, which means you must go to the office of a notary public in Toronto for your document notarization.

The person who signs the agreement should be willing to do so. The notary public checks the fact if anybody has forced the person to execute the contract. Notary publics can actually reduce the risk of fraud happening in a contract and between two parties. If the document’s content is not right, a notary public must check it. Generally speaking, notary publics are official agents who can professionally deter fraud. Notably, they have been authorized by the Ontario government and have the required certifications to be a notary public.

The notary public of Ontario typically has the power of keeping, issuing, passing, and drawing all deeds and contracts. In some jurisdictions and legal processes, the notary public drafts the wills, promissory notes, contracts, and other legal certifications and documents. Nowadays, many people agree on doing something such as a business when are living far from each other. In such a case, this is the notary public that doesn’t let any fraud happen.

There are some training courses and other requirements that a person should attain to be a notary public in Toronto. You would better know that the provincial acts and rules may be different in every province or state. As a result, a notary public’s services in Ontario may differ from services of a notary public in other provinces. You should never sign a contract before having an appointment with a notary public because they are the only people who can prevent any further problems in your job.


Do Not Sign Before Visiting a Notary Public

If you want a notary public to notarize your document or contract, you must have it sign in the presence of him or her. In better words, you shouldn’t sign the document until a notary public tells you can do so. Many clients may sign a document beforehand and then refer to the notary public office. In this case, your document cannot be notarized and certified. You must take the document with you to a notary public office and sign it one more time when the notary is witnessing your signature. If you want to send a copy of your document to another organization, it must be certified by a notary public. So, it is better to have a spare copy of your document and the original one when referring to a notary public office in Toronto, Ontario.