Top Services You Can Avail Of On Mobile Banking Apps

Top Services You Can Avail Of On Mobile Banking Apps

Mobile banking apps have changed the way Indians bank. Since the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) disrupted the financial ecosystem for good in the past few years, most of us find it convenient to use mobile banking apps compared to net banking or visiting a bank branch.

You shall find in this article a list of six top services in an effective mobile banking app today. As you read about these services, we encourage you to use them as criteria to select a suitable bank account since most transactions are facilitated by the bank’s mobile banking app. Here is our list:

Customer Service

Customer services in a mobile app often get overlooked; however, they are the crucial aspects of mobile banking. Every top-performing mobile banking app has exceptional customer service that attends to your queries quickly and does not waste your time on prolonged call wait times.

Seamless Money Transfers

Today’s popular mobile banking apps have extensively focused on making online transfers more seamless. Take a look at IDFC FIRST Bank’s “Auto Pay” or “One-Swipe Pay” features, for example. A mobile banking app that can help you make instant payments has already served your main objective. In the age of fast UPI transfers, you might also want your mobile banking app to have a quick UPI payment facility.

Simplified Access (universal search)

Efficient mobile banking apps also focus on simplified access. In simpler words, you should easily find the app features you are looking for. We often find it difficult to search for various features on the app, and an app that makes this simpler stands out and is easier to use.

Learning From Your Own Data

An impeccable feature that you must include in your list of priorities while selecting a mobile banking app is whether the app lets you infer learnings from your own expenses in the past. IDFC FIRST Bank’s mobile banking app has the “Track Your Expenses” feature that helps customers learn from their previous spending, plan accordingly, and helps them save more in the future.

Various Products In One App 

Some mobile banking apps provide more than mere access to their bank accounts. A preferred mobile banking app offers other features, such as investment options, credit card repayment options, and options to apply for loans, etc., in addition to money transfer options. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app, for example, offers a wide range of features besides their popular money transfer features such as “One-Swipe Pay”.

Increased Accessibility

Finally, the mobile banking app must provide increased accessibility to classify as better among others. Features such as a facility for instantly checking your current bank balance, no logging-in issues, etc., matter a lot to every customer; an app that focuses on these features can be considered efficient.

This list of top services you can avail of using a mobile banking app can prove helpful while selecting a savings account. Be sure to prioritize these features in the mobile banking apps of the banks that you are considering for opening a savings account.