The Do’s and Don’ts for Getting a Personal Loan

The Do’s and Don’ts for Getting a Personal Loan

While it is guaranteed that a personal loan comes with a rate of interest. It will vary based on the bank you are dealing with and the inflation rate of the current economic condition. No matter what the choice might have been, it is important to learn more about the loans before proceeding further.

If you are actually making plans to apply for one such personal loan, there are some do’s and don’ts that will help you to avail the best deals on personal loan. So, make sure to focus on these tips now!


Improve Your Credit Score:

If you have a higher credit score, it means you are creditworthy. Financial institutions and banks will present the lowest interest rates on personal loans to applicants with higher credit scores. So, make sure to check the credit score first before you apply for one such loan.

  • In case the score is less than 750, you should try to rectify it as soon as possible.
  • There are higher chances of you purchasing a personal loan at the lowest interest if the credit score is over 750.

Always Watch Out for the Offers:

Financial institutions and banks are usually offering special interest rates for a limited time during festive occasions. In case you apply for any loan while that offer is running, then you might get offered a lower interest rate!

Compare the Various Interest Rates:

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Before you apply to any particular bank for your personal loan, it is highly important to compare the loans with the interest rates charged by multiple banks or financial institutions. It will actually help you in availing personal loans at a rather competitive rate of interest.

Make Sure to Negotiate With the Lender:

In case you are an existing customer of the bank or have a proper relationship with a loan provider, you can always negotiate for the lowest personal loan interest rates. For that, it is highly advisable to actually submit one formal written request to the stated loan provider.


Don’t Miss Out On the Repayments:

In case you ever miss out on any of the credit card or loan EMI repayment, then your credit score might get affected in an adverse manner.

  • The loan providers will mainly take repayment history into your account before deciding on the interest rates of the personal loans.
  • If you have already paid your EMIs and the bills of your due credit cards on time, you will be likely to get charged with a lower interest rate.

Never Maintain a Poor Credit Score:

Among all the information mentioned above associated with an interest rate, a credit score is always the focal point to consider by banks and other financial institutions to decide on the final rate. Always be sure to check out your current credit score at the earliest to ensure a favourable interest rate in your favour.


Checking out multiple banks and their personal loans might be a bit difficult, but taking these efforts with help you get hold of an offer you can avail as well as repay with ease. Check-in with the options before the final call.