Open Enrollment Strategies To Ensure Your Employees Remain Covered

Open Enrollment Strategies To Ensure Your Employees Remain Covered

Adjusting to the new normal that COVID-19 has brought about the business world has been difficult for countless organizations. Of these obstacles, the shift to remote work for most businesses has proven to be a challenge for not only the lower levels of staff, but even the HR professionals of a business.

One challenge these professionals have had to navigate through is their employees’ anxiety related to the pandemic. When any staff member has these feelings, it can be easy to denounce things like their health benefits, or even disregarding their personal health in the name of work. While it can be challenging, employers are responsible for keeping their employees safe and providing them the benefits they deserve.

HR professionals have had to tweak these enrollment periods a bit since COVID-19. Most of these businesses have looked to business process outsourcing (BPO) partners to see what solutions can help assist their business. This post will detail what these partners do and the types of services they offer.

An Adjusted Approach

Curating an open enrollment period in the COVID era has required HR professionals to bring new tactics to the table. Hand-held brochures and in-person meetings for the sake of settling healthcare benefits are being put by the wayside by many companies. With so many remote employees to take care of, an open enrollment process that balances technology and high-touch guidance from experts to ensure the best results is necessary.

Most BPO providers will provide an immersive digital experience meant to educate employees about their options through documents distributed via email or on the company website. After these materials are shared, virtual events are held to begin the enrollment period and inform personnel about next steps. After these meetings, microsites are opened, and workers are encouraged to complete the enrollment procedure. When the time comes for employees to enroll, analytics and advanced AI assistants built into an app serve as guidance to complete enrollment. Live experts are available to chat or connect with employees through a video conference provides to answer any questions or ease the process.

Simple enough, right? Except countless organizations around the world have struggled in their open enrollment periods throughout the pandemic. Hoping to ease the process on your organization? Consider how Conduent, a leader in BPO services, can help your organization see a substantial increase in engagement in your next open enrollment process.