Get A Debt Consolidation Loan Approved Even With Poor Credit

Get A Debt Consolidation Loan Approved Even With Poor Credit

Do you have a FICO score below 580? If yes, then dealing with your monetary matters with debt consolidation will prove challenging. However, with a good credit rating or average score, you can apply for consolidated loans with ease. Such a loan will reduce your monthly interest, minimize the number of creditors, and reduce the loan repayment time. It will also help you save your money over the years. Usually, borrowers prefer low-interest credit card money transfer, personal loans, and debt management strategies to consolidate their small debts.

According to an article published on, you need to deal with a bad score some way or the other. You cannot escape from it. The solution is funding your company in different ways that help you improve your business credit score. This way, when you need to expand your business and look for a debt consolidation loan, your application needs approval and not rejection. It will help you hire new staff, buy advanced machinery, purchase new office space, and improve infrastructure with the loan amount. You need to research on the lenders, compare rates payment terms and decide which one to choose. Take your time and decide because there is no hurry. Read on to learn more about how to get a debt consolidation loan with bad credit.

Consolidating your debt with a poor score

When it comes to the FICO score, the range of 300-850 is considered. The lenders assess an individual’s creditworthiness and other ranges as well to come to a decision. If you have a score of more than 670, you are in the good books of the lenders and your loan application will get an easy approval.

Some lenders consider 670 as very good or excellent as well. An average score is between 580 and 669 and anything below 670 is bad credit rating. You should check what your score is. If you find it is too low, make amends. Even if you have a poor score or something, which is less than average, you can consolidate your debt.

Using a personal loan

It is true that you can get a consolidated loan even if you have a poor credit score. You can opt for a personal loan with high rates of interest that may be more than your current loan amount. You can research online and look for platforms that help you get an idea of the interest rates. These websites are your loan partners. These platforms find alternative data available apart from scores and credit reports. You will get assistance to figure out whether you are eligible for a debt consolidation loan. There are many factors such as income, employment history, and education determines whether you are eligible for a low-interest loan or not.

Besides, other lenders provide a loan up to 50,000 dollars to pay off credit card loans and consolidate your other loans. The application process is simple and easy to follow. Taking loans from such providers will not spoil your credit rating. If you need more information regarding debt consolidation, you can search for websites such as or similar sites.

Your eligibility for a debt consolidation loan

If you have a poor credit score, taking a consolidated loan is not a very good idea. We are not saying that you cannot, but not a prudent thought if you want to improve your score. The lenders that have a more traditional outlook may not approve your loan due to bad credit. They will see your loan application as risky, and therefore will not approve your application if you have a score of less than 580.

The other problem with a debt consolidation loan is the rate of interest on your new loan. If the score is higher than the APR on your current debt, chances of approval are bleak. The lenders will judge your payment history to assess the rate of interest you deserve. Therefore, if your loan is approved and you have a bad score or a less than average rating, do not make the blunder of taking another loan besides the one that is approved. You should also avoid loans with high rates of interest that you cannot pay on time and end up defaulting.

The benefits of debt consolidation loans

The greatest benefit is avoiding making multiple payments to lenders every month. That is quite a financial relief. When you have an option of including all your small loans into one single account, you only pay to the new loan provider and not the old ones. It will not only make your life easy but also save you the hassles of missed payments or forgetting the payment date. This way, you always make your payment on time and chances of defaulting are minimized largely. There is no worrying about juggling between multiple payments.

Payment history is crucial

Yes, your payment history matters a lot because it is an essential factor to determine your credit score, contributing to about 35 percent of your FICO rating. You need to avoid missing any loan payments past the due date. You can miss payments or not remember the due date when you do not have an auto-pay option in your account.

Debt consolidation loan for military professionals

When it comes to military professionals, they may face challenges when taking loans from a new lender. That is because military members spend most of the time away from their home and family and therefore, they do not have the need to apply for loans. Consequently, they do not have a perfect credit score or rating. Now, that is a problem for the security professionals who protect the nation from intruders and enemies. To address their monetary problems, private lenders offer their services to the military staff so that they can apply for loans if they need the money for some reason or the other. The military professionals can apply for car loans, personal loans, and even mortgage loans. They can use these for consolidating their debts.


Now that you know how to seek approval for debt consolidation loans for different people and situations, apply for the same if you need funds.