Five Top Personal Finance Apps To Earn And Manage Money

Five Top Personal Finance Apps To Earn And Manage Money

Managing your finances and sticking to your budget is challenging. However, following some measures can help secure your financial life. If you find it taxing to keep your business and personal finances in order, we recommend using a finance app. Such apps have several benefits that make your life simpler.

Some benefits include dedicated support via a relationship manager, direct tracking of your transactions, a referral rewards program, quick disbursement of funds with no physical documentation requirement, etc. Read on to learn more about personal finance apps.

What Is A Personal Finance App?

Personal finance apps simplify your financial transactions. These applications help you track transactions and offer the best financial affiliate programs on every loan referral. Opting for authentic refer and earn apps may allow you to earn over ₹50,000 per month on referrals without any investment. However, remember to do your research well and opt for the best referral app to make money.

What Are Some Of The Best Personal Finance Apps In India?

Personal finance apps employ the concept of earning through referrals and make budgeting and saving easier. They come with various features that simplify the financial activities necessary for your life. From checking your credit report to being at the top of your budget, these apps can help you in every walk of your life. Discussed here are the top five personal finance apps you must know.

1. IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App 

The IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App allows you to earn money on every personal loan referral without any investment. To start making money, you need to refer personal loans to people who require them. Through this program, you can earn a flat 1.5% payout per loan disbursal. Payouts happen weekly, and the amount is transferred to your bank account. You can earn ₹50,000 per month or more through this app. Anyone can download this app to make quick additional money.

Other key  benefits of the app are:

  • It offers dedicated support through a central helpline and relationship manager to better manage your account.
  • It allows you to track your cases directly through the app.
  • You get to work with IDFC FIRST Bank directly.

2. PhonePe

Signing up with PhonePe and using this app for specific payments can allow you to earn cashback deals on your account. You can earn cashback on specific online payments, DTH recharge, water bill payments, electricity, etc.

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3. ET Markets

ET Markets is a helpful app if you want to invest in financial markets and manage your investments properly. Through this app, you can track your investments in different instruments. The app also provides:

  • Market and business news
  • Stock market updates
  • Live charts
  • Free stock market tips
  • Advanced technical charting

4. Dhani App

The Dhani App permits you to open an instant trading/Demat account, apply for a personal loan, and keep track of all your transactions. Besides this, the Dhani App also allows you to play free games through which you can earn money.

5. Money View App

Money View App is not exactly a money-earning app. It is a finance management app. Key features of these apps include:

  • Automatic categorisation of your expenditures to display your major spending areas
  • Provision to check your account balance
  • Allowance to view your current banking transactions
  • Provision of weekly summaries to help you improve the efficiency of your budget planning
  • Personalised bill due date reminders
  • Various savings opportunities
  • Instant personal loans

The concept of finance apps has become highly popular due to innovation and digitisation. Such apps offer a wide range of benefits and features that are advantageous to you financially. Whether it is about saving, earning, or spending money for your business or yourself, they come with all the simple-to-use tools and solutions to lessen your financial problems.